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Our Philosophy

Fieldbrite is an integrated service provider for startups and SMEs growing a digital business and seeking to increase productivity by implementing internal business applications and optimizing the services they provide to clients in the EU or the US.

Our unique blend of knowledge and skills is translated into an all-encompassing approach to helping your digital business achieve its full potential and continue to thrive building on strong and sustainable foundations.

We provide comprehensive support to our clients, covering the basis in tax, finance, and legal issues, and ensuring their operations run smoothly with the aid of right IT tools suited to their needs. We can also go beyond the technical issues by assisting new businesses expand their vision, market a new segment of activities, or create a new online home for their venture, with marketing strategy, copywriting, and website optimization services.

Our clients can opt for a turnkey solution and trust us with all aspects of taking their business to the next level, or they can select from a suite of services on offer and receive a made-to-measure support profile. Our team is also ready to listen and find the right answer to your specific needs – just get in touch!

Our Clients

There is no business idea that is not worth pursuing if there is a clear vision and a strong drive. However, in order for a venture to stand a good chance at succeeding, building on guidance and advice provided by experienced professionals with comprehensive knowledge in a wide range of disciplines is crucial. That is why Fieldbrite is particularly focused on SMEs and startups needing help with operational, ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of developing and running a business, while they focus their attention and skills on the core segments of their venture. The broad range of our expertise provides us with a unique perspective of your company’s needs, particularly related to:

  • implementing or upgrading IT tools for your day-to-day operations (websites, web-shops, internal/mobile apps, back office systems, etc.),
  • setting up fully compliant tax and finance mechanisms,
  • obtaining sound legal and tax advice on issues ranging from business incorporation to intellectual property and trademark registration, EU VAT filing, financial planning, etc.
  • expanding the operations of a US-based digital business venture to the EU, or vice versa.

Contact us and we will come up with the right selection of services for your company!

Our Services

When running a company, business owners often find themselves pulled in many different directions, from developing a creative vision and transforming it into a profit-generating venture, to the operational and administrative everyday tasks that no business can run without. If you are a digital business or a startup, chances are you do not have a large enough head-count to designate specific assignments to dedicated members of your team. This quickly turns a brilliant business idea into a struggle, with an ever-growing to-do list and only 24 hours in a day.

Fieldbrite puts a quick and efficient stop to your entrepreneurial troubles. We take care of streamlining your operations and addressing administrative bottlenecks to enable efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness for your venture. Our team can assume the role of an accountant and a CFO, an around-the-clock IT support person, a reliable legal and tax advisor, or even a creative director offering cutting-edge marketing advice. This relieves the stress of running a business leaving business owners and managers more time to devote to what they do best – turning an idea into a reality.

Our portfolio of services includes:
IT support

IT Support

Backoffice integration, API, web-shop management, CRM, ERP, shared or dedicated hosting - trust our IT expert to help fit all the pieces into place, making your digital business generate profit while staying agile and ready to adjust to the fast-paced global business environment.

Legal Tax Advisory

Legal & Tax Advisory

Onboarding new clients and need due diligence? Or help with trademark registration in the EU or the US? Maybe you are a non-EU entrepreneur looking to bring your business to the EU Member States and you need help with EU VAT filing, or the MOSS scheme? We offer a range of legal and tax advisory services that help ensure regulatory compliance for your business.

Financial management

Financial Management

Navigating the accounting regulations can be a daunting task even for the experienced entrepreneurs. While getting your business or startup off the ground, let our experts take care of the financial management by offering sound strategy and planning advice.

Other Services

Other Services

After managing the legal and financial aspect of business operations, and putting the IT tools in place to support smooth operations, companies often need creative input that gets their services marketed in the right way and to the right audience. We offer marketing, copywriting, translation, and other services to get companies a competitive edge in the current and new markets.

Our Team

Fieldbrite possesses a unique blend of knowledge and skills necessary for providing integrated, comprehensive support to a growing a digital business or a startup. With over 15 years of experience in IT, corporate law and taxes, financial services and marketing, our team will successfully lead you through the challenges of starting out, and expanding to new markets or niches. We will assess your specific situation and give advice on streamlining your operations by implementing a customized range of tried and tested procedures and systems that ensure full legal and regulatory compliance and enable time and cost efficiencies for your company. With our flexible and responsive approach, we put the client first and deliver our support with minimum disruption to your daily work.