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New business owners sometimes tend to get too caught up on revenue generation and disregard other critical components of business profitability. This, however, is not the only measure of how successful your company is. Achieving business success encompasses operational effectiveness and efficiency, as well as careful strategic planning and measurement and understanding of key performance indicators. Building from a solid business plan and a realistic budget, knowing how money is being spent, and keeping an eye on your financial metrics are all vital for streamlining your performance. Fieldbrite offers expert assistance in managing your assets and establishing sound financial plans and systems that help keep your operations on track – and in check – without any unforeseen financial issues catching you unawares. Our experts will assess the entirety of your business processes and come up with a customized support profile in any of the following areas:

  • Financial Advisory: business plans, budgeting, asset management, cash flow management, resource allocation, financial reporting and forecasting – we have a solution fit for your specific circumstances in any of these areas, allowing you to set attainable goals and build your business on fact-based input;
  • IFRS and US GAAP Accounting: expert assistance in setting up accounting systems and procedures fully compliant with either the International Financial Reporting Standards, valid in the EU, or the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) needed to keep your books in order in the US;
  • Startup and Small Business Financial Management Strategy Consulting: expert assistance with establishing sound financial management before you start growing and expanding your business, including profit potential assessment, examining revenue, spending, and cashflow challenges, ineffective sales issues, or reports which fail to provide management insights;
  • Risk and Compliance: compliance expertise regarding federal, state, and local regulations related to e.g. taxes, licenses, financial reporting, etc., with a view towards ensuring organizational integrity and protecting your venture while also making risk management efficient and cost-effective;
  • Payroll Integration and Compliance: providing advice with selecting payroll software, and guiding you through the process of setting it up and optimizing its usage to enable enhanced accuracy, security, speed and results, as well as full compliance with reporting requirements (quarterly, annual), and tax payments.

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IT support

IT Support

Backoffice integration, API, web-shop management, CRM, ERP, shared or dedicated hosting - trust our IT expert to help fit all the pieces into place, making your digital business generate profit while staying agile and ready to adjust to the fast-paced global business environment.

Other Services

Other Services

After managing the legal and financial aspect of business operations, and putting the IT tools in place to support smooth operations, companies often need creative input that gets their services marketed in the right way and to the right audience. We offer marketing, copywriting, translation, and other services to get companies a competitive edge in the current and new markets.