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If you are starting a digital business venture, chances are you are already fairly IT savvy. However, investing energy into launching a business, working on onboarding suppliers and clients, for example, or figuring out the best way to market your services, may leave little time for optimizing all the operational aspects of daily business management. This is why Fieldbrite offers a full set of IT support services aimed at integrating and automating the behind the scenes processes for your company:

  • Efficient e-Commerce: support with front and back end set up and management of your Magento, or other major custom e-commerce systems, including improving performance, upgrading, or migrating to other platforms;
  • Payment Systems Integration and Customization: ensuring your customers have the best – and most secure – payment options at their disposal, while making payment processing a straightforward operation for you;
  • Back Office Integration: enabling automated client relations management, enterprise resource planning, and/or accounting systems to save time, improve operational efficiency, and manage risks;
  • SugarCRM/SuiteCRM implementation and customization: technical support with setting up and managing industry-standard custom and open source solutions for client relations management that help you convert more leads and automate business processes, including managing products, orders, invoicing, reporting, or using insights from customer information to manage your contacts more effectively;
  • Compliance and Identity Verification Systems: setting up specific subsystems ensuring compliance for a digital business venture, e.g. know-your-client (KYC) rules and standards, and ID verification;
  • Websites: setting up and maintaining easy-to-use content management platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Magento) to power the on-line home for your business, and customizing functionalities to your specific needs; creating WPML multilingual solutions.
  • Business Apps: setting up and streamlining the functioning of your back-office business applications, making operational processes automated and efficient, contributing to smooth day-to-day management;
  • Mobile Apps: increase productivity and generate more revenue by utilizing different android and iOS apps, which help with all aspects of business management, from organizing and assigning tasks, communicating within the team, managing workflows, tracking invoices and sales, to optimizing printing and handling conference calls;
  • GDPR: the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation applies not only to businesses and organizations established in the EU, but also to those offering goods and/or services to EU citizens; Fieldbrite offers assistance with making on-line aspects of a business GDPR compliant;
  • Security: build on industry standard guidelines to introduce on-line and data security for your business, including limiting access, automating the creation of back-ups, and securing your apps and other software;

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Financial management

Financial Management

Navigating the accounting regulations can be a daunting task even for the experienced entrepreneurs. While getting your business or startup off the ground, let our experts take care of the financial management by offering sound strategy and planning advice.

Other Services

Other Services

After managing the legal and financial aspect of business operations, and putting the IT tools in place to support smooth operations, companies often need creative input that gets their services marketed in the right way and to the right audience. We offer marketing, copywriting, translation, and other services to get companies a competitive edge in the current and new markets.