Legal & Tax Advisory

Legal and tax advisory services:

While investing all efforts and energy into developing and improving core segments of a venture, business owners need an experienced partner to offer sound legal advice, and provide guidance with ensuring full regulatory compliance. This is key for preventing oversights, minimizing risks, and adhering to rules governing digital businesses, startups, intellectual property, and other legislative and regulatory demands. Same holds true for adequately responding to the requirements of a dynamic tax environment and rules regarding e.g. EU VAT, or US sales tax and nexus. We offer a range of legal and tax advisory services to help businesses respond to regulatory challenges:

  • Legal Advisory: take advantage of our portfolio of services, ranging from professional incorporation services, to advice on regulatory compliance for the specific niche your company is operating in;
  • Due Diligence: setting up fail-safe systems for complying with due diligence requirements when onboarding new suppliers/clients, or looking to acquire a new business;
  • Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) registration: we help you with your initial LEI registration, registration renewal, and all other details related to complying with the internationally-recognized standard enabling clear and unique identification of companies participating in global financial markets;
  • Intellectual Property: we offer guidance to companies through the process of trademark registration under the Nice Classification and provide general advice on intellectual property rules;
  • International Tax Advisory Services: obtain expert advice on optimization of tax transactions on the international level, and managing multi-country tax obligations with in-depth insights on cross-border business and tax issues;
  • VAT compliance: we use our extensive knowledge of EU VAT rules to help you set up robust compliance systems for VAT registration, declarations, records supporting VAT transactions, etc.
  • EU VAT declaration with MOSS for entrepreneurs from non-EU countries: if your company is not established in the EU, yet it is providing electronic services to EU citizens, with our assistance you can make use of the mini One Stop Shop scheme (MOSS) to handle your VAT obligations, saving you the time and trouble of filing returns in each EU country where you provide services;
  • US Tax Support: protect your revenue and mitigate US tax compliance risks by staying up-to-date on e-commerce sales and income tax issues, including nexus rules and how those pertain to your business;
  • Tax Planning and Compliance: we help you set up tax compliance strategies tailored to your needs to achieve cost and time efficiencies in meeting governance and regulatory objectives.

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Financial management

Financial Management

Navigating the accounting regulations can be a daunting task even for the experienced entrepreneurs. While getting your business or startup off the ground, let our experts take care of the financial management by offering sound strategy and planning advice.

Other Services

Other Services

After managing the legal and financial aspect of business operations, and putting the IT tools in place to support smooth operations, companies often need creative input that gets their services marketed in the right way and to the right audience. We offer marketing, copywriting, translation, and other services to get companies a competitive edge in the current and new markets.